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*No firearm parts included. Plans sold in paper format, no electronic copies.*


Firearms designer Mark Serbu unleashes the concept for his GB-22, a homemade four-piece .22 rimfire single-shot handgun that can be crafted by virtually anyone.

With only a barrel, frame, slide and recoil spring, the GB-22 can be made at home with steel plate and bar stock by use of a hacksaw, file and drill. Attaching the barrel to the frame can be done via welding, roll pins, or screws. The roll pin method is detailed in the plans, though the user can easily adapt them to welding. The concept is to be able to make a simple, working gun for whatever reason you want– though he stresses that you could sell these at gun buybacks for a profit.

Of course his example is a little tricked out with an optic and some custom grips, and he makes the prototype on CAD/CAM-controlled CNC machines because it's easy to do and he has access to them. He stresses you can craft virtually the same with hand tools; it just takes more sweat equity.

If you don’t want to buy a spring he even shows you how to make your own out of music wire!


Reviews (6)

Everybody should try to make a gb-22

Written by Dan D. on Feb 16th 2019

I think marks gb-22 design is so simple yet so going to make mine on my manual milling machine but anybody could easily make this with a table top bandsaw,a grinder, or a could easily make some very nice wood grips with sandpaper and some wood stain.the fact that there is so few moving parts amazes me.the barrel can be made with a piece of solid square metal and a hole drilled with a cheap barrel liner inserted with lock tight.screws and pins can be found at a local hardware store.this design does also not look crude.its very professional and detailed.mark is very smart and he definitely knows what he's doing.everybody should buy his plans and try to make one it's so easy.thanks mark.u the man!

Customisable person required

Written by Unknown on Dec 7th 2018

Are you able to do customised orders


Written by G on Jun 22nd 2018

Csellote guvaszat. A fenderi bodor. Umonka toredice gyallata!!!


Written by doremi on May 16th 2018

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Nicely done

Written by RD on Aug 17th 2017

Been making my own guns for a few years now. These plans are excellent and anyone with a bit of mechanical know how and basic tools should be able to turn out a very functional and safe firearm.


Written by ZORAM on Mar 8th 2017

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