What parts on the BFG-50 can be replaced with aftermarket AR-15 parts?

Pistol Grips: The BFG-50 accepts most AR-15 style pistol grips.

Trigger Group Parts: Trigger groups parts are nearly all standard AR-15 trigger parts, with the most notable exception being the hammer. Because of this, while most AR-15 trigger kits can be installed on the BFG-50, the drop in kits that include the trigger, hammer, and springs all as one piece are not compatible.


What height scope rings should I use? 

Because of the already raised scope mount/rail, low rings are definitely the best choice for the vast majority of shooters and will still accommodate scopes with large objectives.


Can the BFG-50 be used with a suppressor?

Yes. However, when your muzzle brake is installed at the factory it has red loctite applied to it. This makes it extremely difficult for a shooter to remove it themselves. If you intend on suppressing your BFG-50, consider asking for the red loctite to be replaced with blue at the time of order. If you already have a BFG-50 with loctite on the muzzle brake, email us at or give us a call at 813-243-8899; we can walk you through the process. The threads on the muzzle are 1.00 - 14.