General FAQs

How do I purchase one of your rifles?

If we have rifles available for outright purchase, those will be listed here.

Otherwise, deposit orders may be placed through here. The amount due varies based on which firearm you're ordering. Specifically, $250 for the RN-50 and $500 for the BFG-50. Deposits are non-refundable.

A sales order receipt will be emailed to you once your order has been processed (within a few days) so that you know the order total.


When is the total balance due?

Once the deposit is paid, the final amount isn't due until the rifle is ready to build, which we will notify you about. 

Please refer to your emailed sales order receipt to know the balance due. A new one is emailed by us anytime payment or changes to your order are made.


What if I want to pay the whole balance at once?

With deposits, the order total isn't due until we're ready to build your order, but you're welcome to pay the remaining balance once you've received the sales order via email. Please note that this doesn't mean that it will ship any sooner, as we have to follow the order of the customer build log.

If we have rifles available for outright purchase, you may go that route instead of placing a deposit order.


How long until my rifle is completed?

Lead time varies depending on the rifle, so please check its deposit page at the time of order or the lead times page to see what we're currently processing. The wait is not how long it takes to build but rather how long it takes us to get through the waiting list and to your order. Building is a pretty quick process. If we have rifles available for outright purchase, those are ready within the same week you place the order.


Can I make changes to my order?

Within reason. Once the deposit has been submitted, you may let us know via email/text (in writing) that you would like to add or subtract something from your order. Please no changes after the final payment has been made.


How does the shipping process work?

As you may or may not already know, a federal firearms license (FFL) is required for shipping and we can't ship firearms directly to your house. They must be transferred to you once shipped to your dealer. Please select a dealer in your area and have them email us a signed copy of their FFL before we ship.


Why is my order status still showing as "awaiting payment"?

Orders are manually processed, which means the payment will not be accepted until we get the opportunity to do so. Please note that it may take a few days. If you happen to see the charge pending in your bank account despite still awaiting payment, this is because our system verifies that funds are available first. It may disappear before it is officially processed.


Will I receive regular order updates?

Being that we build in order of a build list, we don't technically start on your rifle build until we're able to move you to the weekly schedule. At this point, we contact you to request final payment and the FFL to avoid any delay in shipping. 

There won't really be any updates other than us informing you that your order is upcoming.


When do you need my FFL information?

For deposit orders, FFL information isn't needed until we're ready to build/ship as it may expire in the meantime, but you have the option to provide it on the deposit page or at any point after the order is placed. We require a current copy on file, which can be emailed to us at or faxed to 813-243-8899.


How do I get spare/replacement parts?

Please refer to the exploded views of our rifles to figure out the part that is needed. Then you may send us an email at or message us through the contact page and we will help you out.