Can the BFG-50A be used with a suppressor?

We don't recommend it. The BFG-50A isn't currently available with an adjustable gas block, which is necessary for reliable cycling with a suppressor. Also, when your muzzle brake is installed at the factory it has red loctite threadlocker applied to it. This makes it extremely difficult for a shooter to remove it themselves. 

That being said, we've had more than a few customers suppress their BFG-50As with mixed results regarding the cycling. If you intend on suppressing your BFG-50A, consider asking for the red loctite to be replaced with blue at the time of order. If you already have a BFG-50A with loctite on the muzzle brake, email us at or give us a call at 813-243-8899 so we can walk you through the removal process. The threads on the muzzle are 1.00 - 14.

Serbu Firearms has an adjustable gas block currently in development for future use on a BFG-50A, but its completion/release date is uncertain.