RN-50 FAQs

Is the RN-50 an AR-15 upper receiver/ will the RN-50 fit on an AR-15 lower receiver?

No. The RN-50 is a stand alone rifle that is not compatible with any AR-15 receiver or lower. Although, there are many parts that are compatible with AR-15 parts.


What parts on the RN-50 can be replaced with aftermarket AR-15 parts?

Stocks: The RN-50 accepts AR-15 style stocks as well as our own.

Pistol Grips: The RN-50 accepts most AR-15 style pistol grips.

Trigger Group Parts: Trigger groups parts are nearly all standard AR-15 trigger parts, with the most notable exception being the hammer. Because of this, while most AR-15 trigger kits can be installed on the RN-50, the drop in kits that include the trigger, hammer, and springs all as one piece are not compatible.


What height scope rings should I use? 

Because of the already raised scope mount/rail, low rings are definitely the best choice for the vast majority of shooters and will still accommodate scopes with large objectives.


How long does it take to load?

It is as simple as breaking open the rifle, unscrewing the breech cap, inserting a round and screwing it shut. With a little bit of practice, it is reasonable to be able to load and fire 3-4 shots in 1 minute. 


Can the RN-50 be used with a suppressor?

Yes. However, when your muzzle brake is installed at the factory it has red loctite applied to it. This makes it extremely difficult for a shooter to remove it themselves. If you intend on suppressing your RN-50, consider asking for the red loctite to be replaced with blue at the time of order. If you already have an RN-50 with loctite on the muzzle brake, please see the question below. The threads on the muzzle are 1.00 - 14.


How do I remove the muzzle brake?

Removing the muzzle brake from a BFG-50, RN-50 or BFG-50A is simple enough, but you must be careful. The brake is mounted using red Loctite and a jam nut, and both the brake and jam nut must be heated to cause the Loctite to melt. A temperature a bit over 500 degrees Fahrenheit is required to cause this, and a propane torch is a good choice for the job. Care must be taken with the torch because too much heat can actually affect the temper of the steel, but that doesn't start to happen until about 800 degrees. The torch should be moved around so that you're applying heat 360 degrees around the entire brake and jam nut. It's best to clamp the gun or barrel in leather-wrapped vise jaws, but be sure if you're clamping the barrel that you're far enough from the muzzle so you're not in danger of burning the leather. A good telltale that you've reached the proper temperature to break the Loctite is a small puff of smoke that will come out around the area being heated. It's easily missed, so it's a good idea to just try wrenching off the jam nut at fairly regular intervals. Once you've found you've melted the Loctite be sure to unscrew both the brake and the jam nut right away, as the Loctite will harden again after cooling off a bit.


What are the muzzle thread dimensions?

The threads on the muzzle are 1.00 - 14.


Need to ask about specific RN-50 parts? Let us know which by using the exploded view. 

See here.


I lost the manual. How do I get another?

You can find a downloadable copy here.