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The BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle.


- Bipod

- 10 Round Magazine

- Plano case with custom cut foam


It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor and hydraulic recoil buffer. The bolt locks into a barrel extension which is threaded to the barrel. The bolt lug and barrel extension locking surfaces are helical.

The gas system is similar to that used on a Ljungman AG-42 or MAS 49/56. As with our BFG-50 single-shot rifle, all our barrels are chambered with our own reamer design which allows surplus ammunition to be fired but gives far greater accuracy than can be achieved with barrels using a machine gun chamber. The BFG-50A uses a highly efficient 8-port "Shark Brake" muzzle brake. Barrel/barrel extension and handguard are removable to allow different barrel and handguard lengths and configurations.




.50 BMG


Gas-operated semi-automatic, 3-lug rotating bolt, hammer-fired




23 lbs (unloaded)


26" long alloy steel, 1:15 twist, button rifled, SERBU Accuracy Chamber, nitrided

Muzzle Brake

Highly Effective "Shark Brake", Threaded 1.00-14 RH

Fire Control

AR-15 trigger and safety, custom hammer. Average trigger pull is 6-9 lbs, set trigger available at additional cost.

Scope Mount

Screwed-on 25MOA, 11.25" Picatinny rail


Serbu picatinny bipod included


Black QPQ Nitride and manganese phosphate


Rear monopod, set trigger, armorer's tool kit, spare parts kit.

Left Handed Info

End of buttpad to bolt handle stopping point: 10 inches


In production

© Serbu Firearms, Inc. 2020. Specifications subject to change.


Exploded View

BFG-50A Manual




No matter which scope you get, make sure that it is rated for .50 BMG recoil. 

SWFA Model SS - approx $350

Ammo Suppliers:

We recommend you stay away from American Eagle in the black box, if possible. Soft brass getting stuck in the chamber and being difficult to extract has been a commonly reported problem. You're welcome to try it out for yourself, but please be aware of its issues before concluding that the rifle is to blame. Our chamber is between match and standard so certain rounds can be too large.

You can find ammo online from United Nations Ammo, Freedom Munitions, American Marksman, etc. is a great search engine for ammo.  

Great ammo we currently test fire with: American Marksman .50 BMG M33 Ball Ammunition, 660 Grain, FMJ.

Reviews (21)

Sexual TYRANNOSAURUS like me

Written by Paymentplanmike on Nov 17th 2023

Fucking buy one! Your wife and your gf said its ok!

I started reading and got upset

Written by Jimmy jams on Jun 24th 2023

So I started reading the first comment titled “ SREBU GUNS NOT GOODER THAN BART-M107” and even though I don’t know mark and don’t own this rifle I immediately got very defensive and upset that someone was saying the Barrett was better and this and that. Then finished reading and was relieved it was a joke. Anyways I came here to leave a comment pertaining to the BFG 50 yesterday along with the Barrett m107 and was very impressed with the BFG. Love the design and feel of this rifle. Keep up the great work and maybe try and expand higher some more people so you can put our more rifles, I need one!!

Srebu guns not gooder than bart-M107

Written by Sum Yung guy on Feb 9th 2023

Mart, you make the gun . It goez bang but Bart m107 goez many much more braaap Never don't buy these Srebu BFG-50a. Buys only the Bart. Is much gooder and Military Intelligence agrees to me... Just kidding Mark... hopefully the list gets shorter so I can throw down on one of these 50A's soon... I love these comments man they kill me... oh yeah if you are lending out the 50A put me on the loaner list too LMAO! Keep up the great work!


Written by MHAVRYCK PLONKIUM IS BACK on Jul 2nd 2022

i love the way this gun is made. gas operated semi auto 50 bmg..... as i have heard, it can shoot rounds up to 450 RPM. but hey.... would be cool if it had a full auto mode. bfg-50a full auto + drum magaizine will basically make a man-portable M2 browning.

review + 3 QUESTIONS

Written by MHAVRYCK PLONK on Nov 5th 2021

hello. i can say that this firearm is overall fast, accurate and reliable. in my opinion, the way this weapon is functioning is really impressive. outstanding job mark. i have questions about bfg-50a though. how much firerate does bfg-50a have? is it able to shoot .50 bmg on full auto? how many rounds can its magazine accept? thanks for reading this review, hopefully i can get answers soon. take care!

The best 50 BMG out there for the free world

Written by Joe O on Apr 17th 2021

Owned this for 5+ years, shoot it regularly, had some first 20 round ejection issues, but Mark is a genius and his recommendations addressed any perceived reliability issues. I am a senior reliability engineer, and this gun has been nothing but after the first 20 rounds. I have shot several alternatives, and this is easily the best designed, and most pleasure to shoot. I would buy two more for holidays and weekends :) Outstanding job Mark.

Serbu firearms

Written by Robert Bigando on Feb 8th 2021

Just an all around awesome gun.


Written by ARIEL belson on Nov 23rd 2020

These comments are amazing. Ive been following Mark on youtube for a while, love his channel. Would buy the firearm

Best SEMI AUto 50 on the planet, for ReC or Serious Shooter

Written by Joe Opdahl on Apr 22nd 2019

Shoot a half dozen of these, before I went forward with this one. I am not ex-military, although appreciate those who serve. I bought a Serbu 50A, most satisfying gun I own. Shoot it regularly and the recoil is amazingly timid, the design is second to none, although there are some great alternatives out there. Accuracy is fantastic. Real quality build. Hope to stop by the factory soon, to thank Mark and crew personally.

Can I test your rifle

Written by Gabe on Apr 4th 2019

Hi my name is gabriel I would be great full to test your rifle or buy one from you I live in California and the only reason I know of you is because of Edwin you guys have great videos I don’t make videos but I would like my family to buy 50ts from you so if you can let me barrow one any model I would appreciate it if not I understand best of luck and have fun making videos love you man not in a gay way

BFG 50A is good but I prefer Barrett M107

Written by Matyu Thm on Nov 9th 2018

BFG 50A is good as I said, but M107 is just better gun. Dont get me wrong Serbu I like your guns too but I think Ronnie Barrett has made better firearm. US Army would agree with me since they use Barret .50 cal semi auto sniper system but not Serbu BFG 50A. So I rate 4 stars. Serbu there is no better gun than M107. But your guns are also OK.


Written by Tom in Maryland on Sep 1st 2018

Hello - I have owned the BFG-50A for about 1.5 years. It has performed flawlessly, zero issues/problems. Fit and finish are good. It has provided a ton of fun and has been an excellent purchase. Highly recommended! Tom

teased me worse then britney spears

Written by kevin demoines on Aug 18th 2018

so ive been checking the price on this thing for about two years now and today I check and see $1000 price tag , fell out of my chair screamed donald trump felt like I lost my virginity and then I seen that it was just the deposit . As much as that hurt , Im still handing out a flying five stars


Written by David on Mar 3rd 2018

Mine is workable. I've had a few issues that, for the knowing user, can be overcome. Had an extractor break really quick and they replaced it. Gas tube broke and they had an upgraded design and fixed it. It is very finicky with ammo. I have a few loads I work with and nothing else. I load all my own and no longer vary any of it. It has a serious case of "it shits where it eats" as far as residue in the operating area, so requires diligent cleaning and moreso than the typical AR platform. I would like to have the option of a longer barrel (with gas tube, hand guard, and gas block) to take advantage of the fact that it is not recoil actuated (like Barrett) and work on accuracy. Would also like to have an adjustable gas block to be able to expand the high end of handloads. Otherwise, it's OK and less expensive than the Barrett and has potential for more accuracy.

I want this

Written by Sharry on Mar 3rd 2018

I love this.i want this


Written by matt t on Feb 7th 2018

I am impressed with the fit and finish on this gun, all the parts look very nice and fit together well, the welds are nice and clean, the gun feels very well built. We had zero issues with function, it ate everything we fed it! I am so excited to get back out and do some more plinking with it, and I am looking forward to moving out to longer ranges next time. Recoil is so soft! My friend and I were amazed at how soft it is actually, that hydraulic recoil buffer is doing it's job very well knocking out much of the felt recoil. The trigger is very nice also, I had no issue whatsoever with it, it feels appropriate in terms of weight and has a very crisp break. I am absolutely satisfied with this gun. :)


Written by Edwin Srkissian on Jan 19th 2018

I finally decided to write a review on the BFG-50A after using it for over a year. It’s an amazing rifle, I love my BFG-50A! It’s flawless and accurate, light weight and easy to operate. I haven’t had any issues with the rifle. I did use some dirty reload belt fed shells at one point and had a jam but that was it. Never happened again. The action is super smooth. It’s also easy to take apart and clean. Very little recoil, you can actually enjoy your shot and not break a shoulder. It also won’t break your wallet compared to other brands . I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to get into semiauto 50 cal. You won’t be disappointed. Also they have a great customer service and they stand behind their product. If you run into any issues, they will help you with any problems you come across. The owner of the company takes pride in his product and stands behind it, you won’t be just a number to him. If you'd like to see this rifle in action check out my channel at:

Awesomeness in steel......

Written by Jose on Dec 12th 2017

Just picked mine up, the great staff at Serbu Firearms was very helpful and informative. The gun is gorgeous, butter smooth action, beautiful welds and finish. I am waiting on ammo and scope to go do some damage at the 1000 yard range.....

I want to buy it.

Written by Anish singh on Nov 20th 2017

I want to buy it but i am from india. So please tell me how can i buy BFG 50A. Please tell me in indian currency. Can you parce it to my home.

Amazing BFG-50A

Written by dimka malyk on Nov 20th 2017

Just an amazing gun I'm getting one soon and for the price you can't get better perfect product like that thanks mark serbu I love your guns and I watch demolition ranch Matt uses this 50a and it's spectacular im definitely gonna get one and I recommend it to you all ;) I obviously shot it as well just no words I'm just happy:)

Fire in The Hole

Written by Rishabh Sharma on Jul 8th 2017

Shandar andaz gand phad diye

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