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The BFG-50™ - the first design from Serbu Firearms - is a bolt action, single shot rifle.


The BFG-50 is constructed using the most modern manufacturing methods and is made from the highest quality MIL-spec alloy steels. In continuous production since 1999, the BFG-50™ was Mark Serbu's first rifle design. It has been thoroughly proven with over 2000 rifles delivered. While the price of this gun is incredibly reasonable, the low quality that one usually expects with a low price is not a fact of life with the BFG-50™. How can this be done? Low overhead, and a design that's optimized for manufacturability as well as performance and quality. The BFG-50™ is a perfect gun for the enthusiast who has always wanted to have a .50 BMG rifle, but doesn't want to spend $3,000+ to get one.


Caliber  .50 BMG (California-legal .50 DTC also available)
Action  Single-Shot
Length  51.5" standard, 56.75" for 36" barrel, carbine is 43"
Weight  18.75 lbs for 29.5" std BBL, 26.75 lbs for 36.0" heavy BBL, 15.25 lbs for 22.0" carbine (weights do not include scope, bipod, etc.)
Barrel  Match grade alloy steel, 1:15 twist, 29.5" standard, 22" carbine, or 36" heavy
Muzzle Brake  Highly Effective "Shark Brake", Threaded 1.00-14 RH
Fire Control  AR-15 trigger and safety, custom hammer, spring-loaded firing pin. Average trigger pull is approx. 6.0 lbs
Scope Mount  Screwed-on Picatinny rail. Optional 30MOA base is $50 extra.
Bipod  Custom BFG-50™ bipod available (shown above)
Finish  Parkerized (manganese phosphate)
Status  In production 

© Serbu Firearms, Inc. 2023. Specifications subject to change.


Rifle Cost

 Standard Rifle - 29.5" Barrel $2,520
 Carbine - 22" Barrel $2,520
 Heavy - 36" Barrel $2,920


Optional Add-On Item

 Bipod $185


Shipping Cost 

 Standard / Carbine Rifle  $100 
 Heavy Barrel - shipped in wooden crate $125 


Total Costs

 Standard Rifle + Bipod + Shipping

 Standard Rifle + Shipping



 Carbine Rifle + Bipod + Shipping

 Carbine Rifle + Shipping



 Heavy Barrel Rifle + Bipod + Shipping

 Heavy Barrel Rifle + Shipping


© Serbu Firearms, Inc. 2023. Specifications subject to change.


BFG-50 Exploded View

BFG-50 Manual




No matter which scope you get, make sure that it is rated for .50 BMG recoil. 

SWFA Model SS - approx $350


You want low height rings. We recommend IOR Valdada low rings, however, Vortex is said to make a good set of strong low rings.

Ammo Suppliers:

We only recommend that factory manufactured ammo from a reputable source is used.

You can find ammo online from Freedom Munitions, American Marksman, etc. is a great search engine for ammo.  

Great ammo we currently test fire with: American Marksman .50 BMG M33 Ball Ammunition, 660 Grain, FMJ.

Reviews (23)

big gun, big fun

Written by wowee on Apr 8th 2023

My BFG50 came in a few weeks ago and I just got back from the range. I don't think anything will compare to that first shot. Between the excitement and adrenaline, I didn't feel any recoil. I'm so glad I bought it. Worth the wait. I've always wanted to shoot .50 BMG since I was a kid, and thanks to Serbu, I can actually afford one. The thump to my chest from the concussive back-blast brought a smile to my face. The rest of my friends and family really enjoyed shooting it as well. I would agree with what another reviewer said, that the recoil is similar to a pump action shotgun with 12 gauge buckshot (maybe even a bit less). I also like how easy take-down is, especially since I have to for it to fit in the safe. Nice, simple, and solid design with an AR-15-like lower receiver. Can't wait to put a scope on it and hit stuff. Probably put some padding on it for a more comfortable cheek-weld, too.


Written by Ralph C Boyd on Feb 23rd 2023

Got the rifle awhile back, just got the chance to shoot it yesterday, awesome to have one of the most practical largest calibers you can get and cheaper than nearly all of the other options available, wait time was indeed a year plus a little, also to note make sure you get some match grade ammo for your first few rounds so the gun chambers easier.


Written by Garry Simpson on Sep 2nd 2022

This is one bad ass weapon. Worth the wait

amazıng bfg

Written by aendgzv on Aug 6th 2022


Written by John on Apr 17th 2022

Excellent construction, awesome results. The first time I shot it, I thought one family's dedication to excellence paid off for all of us.

Fifty cal

Written by Saul garcia on Apr 15th 2022

I bought my fifty from Mr. Serbu about six years ago. Shot it one day and it's been gathering dust since then. The quality is more than adequate for the price I paid. I'd recommend it.


Written by CAYzap on Mar 25th 2022

the bfg stands for big freaking gun

Exceeded expectations

Written by Can't beat this single on Jan 22nd 2022

This is my 1st 50BMG and all it took was the 1st shot to evaporate any buyers remorse I may have had. It is so fun to shoot that I had to go buy more ammo from the range to finish out my day. The recoil is similar to my Weatherby 30-06; Not sure how Mark accomplished that, but Greatful its not severe and likely contributed to my ammo consumption. I looked at all other rifle options for a first buy and this has exceeded my expectations, and certainly would recommend this rifle especially to a 50BMG 1st timer. Thank you Mark and Val!!

BFG 50

Written by Jason Douglas Pickett on Dec 13th 2021

Finally got mine and am in love with it. It is such a smooth gun I'm tempted to upgrade soon.

Absolutely Beatiful

Written by Rick K on Nov 11th 2021

I love the simple, bare-bones design. Shoots like a dream, yes it kicks, but being a .50 BMG how could it not.

Fifty cal.

Written by Saul Garcia on May 25th 2021

Great rifle. There's no need to spend thousand more for a name. Bought mine from Serbu a few years back.


Written by K Wilcox on Sep 25th 2020

Fantastic customer service, (Valerie you are awesome and thank you for your help) Well worth the wait if that is a deciding factor, picked mine up today from the ffl and can't wait to shoot in the coming weeks . Everything looks great and I personally like the weight of it. I Plan on buying all 3 models next up is the semi auto.

The best .50 cal sniper ever

Written by Lazy Reaper on May 25th 2020

Love it. I just love spawn camping people with it. It's especially damn good with the Sagittarius 40x scope, turns it into a hand-held downsized tank cannon all of a sudden, and is guaranteed to make people either get mad at you, or votekick you because they're annoyed by you using it. 10/10, would S T R O N G L Y recommend.

Love the CA Legal (DTC) version

Written by Warren Carver on Dec 11th 2018

Got it shot it, reloaded it. Shot it more. Love the thing. Haven't had the real estate to shoot this thing at distance yet, but love the fun so far. Somehow, Serbu make the kick less than my Mosin Nagant. I can only fire about 20 rounds out of that thing, this? I can fire as much as I have the money for rounds.

so good

Written by gilgeonghoon on Dec 3rd 2018


Use Loctite!

Written by Jimy on Nov 6th 2018

I recently purchased the BFG-50 carbine and I’m quite happy with it. It’s a very well made rifle for the price. The chamber is a little tight, so be ready for that, work the bolt hard and fast, or bring a rubber mallot. Accuracy with Federal XM33C is about 1.5 MOA and muzzle velocity averaged 2650. The recoil is about like a 12 gauge with buckshot, a good hard shove, so wear elbow pads if you’re planning on shooting a lot from the prone. It was also enough to loosen my scope rings (which were torqued to spec) after only 40 rounds, so be sure to have solid mounts/rings and use some loctite. The muzzle blast is impressive, it’ll throw dirt and grass everywhere, so make sure to inform the people around you and wear some eye and ear protection. I’ll update this as I get to know the rifle better.

The best

Written by Patrick Thibeault on Sep 13th 2018

I have had my Serbu 50 BMG for almost 2 years and I love it. Very fun to shoot, Never had any issues with her so far. I do have a question about the barrel thread size as I plan to get suppressed. Does Serbu recommend any suppressor over another ?

36" Heavy (DTC) and lovin' it.

Written by Warren Carver on Aug 3rd 2018

I've run several hundred rounds through this by now. I opted for the 36" heavy...(holy moly heavy). Many people ask what the kick is like, I say roughly that of a 12 gauge (when it's on its bi-pod). I'd say my wife's Mosin Nagant kicks harder (shoulder fired). I haven't been able to shoot at much range yet as Cali is particularly hard to find placed to go. I had to wait for what seemed like forever, but totally worth it. The only down side is finding a freaking case for this thing.

Fantastic rifle, and great customer service. (.50 DTC 29.5" Barrel)

Written by Marshall on Jul 17th 2018

I got the 29.5" barrel, chambered in .50 DTC. Shooting my own handloads (LeHigh 650gr Brass Solids, CCI#35 primers, new RUAG Brass, and 232gr H50BMG) I get >1 MOA!!!! Sub-MOA with a .50 cal. I can't believe it. I wish I could post pictures on here. This gun, is phenomenal in terms of accuracy. If you are gonna get this gun, I recommend upgrading it with a "Hogue OverMolded Pistol Grip AR-15" it's made out of rubber, and overall feels better than the plastic one that comes with the gun. The recoil isn't bad either, I can shoot it prone without a shirt on and it doesn't hurt one bit. It might even kick less than my 30-06, but I can't tell the concussion from the shot is too distracting. However there are two minor "problems" with the gun... The lower wobbles a tad, but nothing to worry about. Secondly, the extractor that grabs the rim of the case doesn't want to move out of the way which causes the "difficult bolt close". The trick is to apply a forward force at the base of the bolt handle and simultaneously apply a rearward force at the top of the bolt handle and close the bolt normally. This helps that extractor get out of the way so you can close the bolt. This problem goes away with normal use though so don't stress it. I use Burris XTR Signature rings in combination with a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 scope and I would highly recommend that combination. (Loctite may be necessary.) Overall: Affordable, Accurate (Capable of sub-MOA), durable, and great customer service.

Best single shot 50 BMG period

Written by J.D. on May 26th 2018

Mark I appreciate all that you and your shop put into manufacturing these 50s. I looked at everything out there and hands down your Carbine model smoked em. So I bought one a couple years ago. Extremely nice gun, quality is second to none. From a Veteran Marine and gun parts manufacturer I'm here to tell you if you're in the market for a single shot 50 the Serbu is the best you can get. In the Corps its shoot move communicate, at 17lbs for my 50 carbine he has that covered in spades.

wauw niece

Written by poopoo man on May 15th 2018

itz a veri niece weaphione dnd bikas ai know it it gud bikas i alwayze git killd by bfg 50 and it it kjnows as nub weapon PP farasaS

Tons of fun!!!

Written by david on Nov 21st 2017

I have the carbine version. I had several deaths in the immediate family so it got put into the safe for a few years and forgotten about. It had a problem with the bolt and even after several years when I finally sat down and figured it out, Mark stood behind it and sent me a new bolt. I can't say enough good things about Mark and his company!!! He's been around for some time now and you can buy with confidence. The BFG 50 is a well made rifle and all my friends love it too since 50 cal. rifles are now banned in Ca. thanks to our former governor. (that Nazi Schwarzenegger) A solid 5 stars for this rifle and Mark's company Serbu Firearms!!! I love them and will continue to make purchases into the future!!!!

Serbu BFG Rifle

Written by Frank in GA. on Oct 14th 2017

These rifles are truly a work of art, simplistic in design and yet packed with features other designers wouldn't even think of. I've owned one for many years having put nearly 8K rounds downrange in the time I've owned it and it's still a tack driver out to nearly 2K meters! For a economical target .50 cal. rifle it can't be beat. The average owner of one of these should seriously consider which one of their children will be inheriting it because it will surely outlast the original owner. These are literally Bullet Proof and built like a Tank but, weigh a lot less. It truly is one of my favorite rifles. With the right ammo you can kill, clean, and cook your game.

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