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Serbu Firearms' SFI-15 lower receiver - Click to order!
GB-22: Plans are available now
The RN-50: Serbu Firearms' new single-shot .50
The SU-15: Serbu Firearms' new upper for the AR-15/M-16!

The SU-15: Serbu Firearms' new upper for the AR-15/M-16!

February 9th, 2015 by Serbu Firearms

Serbu Firearms' new upper receiver for the AR-15 platform uses a different operating system which eliminates the need for a buffer and buffer tube! The operating rod houses the main spring, and the gas system uses a fixed piston. The result is a gun that runs much cleaner, is more reliable, and can be more compact than any AR-15 which uses a buffer tube... [read more]


June 5th, 2013 by The Bang Switch

Originally designed as a challenge to manufacture a very short repeat-action AOW from a close friend, the Serbu Super Shorty shotgun has achieved over 1,000 units sold and is now available in several configurations. With documented customers that include police departments, foreign governments, military units and even Hollywood... [read more]