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***The $250 price is cost of deposit, not full cost.

For now, SUPER-SHORTY production has slowed down and we do not currently have an estimate of when we will be doing another production run. 

The deposit option will be back once we have more available. Use this page to place your order. Full invoice with amount owed is emailed after order is processed.

The SUPER-SHORTY is an AOW. Please read all info before buying and ask if you have questions about the process.


First, you will need to locate a dealer who has an FFL and SOT (which allows for the transfer of an AOW). This website is pretty good for locating one within your specific state:

Next, you can place your deposit on this page and also let us know in the checkout box that you have already found a dealer who will be emailing their licenses over shortly. This is definitely the preferred way, but some dealers will need us to contact them directly - in which case you can leave their name and phone number for us to get it (only if completely necessary).

From there, we would file a form 3 in order to get it transferred to them. This only takes a couple of days to come back approved. Then we ship it once we're able. Your dealer can then start the from 4 process to do a direct transfer to you. Fingerprint cards and passport photos are needed as well, but they should cover that with you. In order to come back approved from the ATF, it can take 6+ months.


Each customer owes the same amount up front. You may pay the remaining balance (or as you want leading up to shipping) here.

Please contact the FFL/SOT holder you will be using for the transfer BEFORE placing your order to be sure they are willing/legally able to handle it.

Because of the unpredictable wait times to receive forms 3/4/5 back from the NFA, lead times will vary. Can be 6 months or more.

Please follow these steps:

1.) Contact your preferred FFL/SOT holder for the transfer and be sure that they are willing to do the transfer as well as legally able to do so in your state.

2.) Call or pay deposit through this page. This will hold your spot on our build log.

3.) We will email you an invoice showing the totals and your remaining balance after having paid the deposit.

4.) Have the dealer you chose email or fax us their license with your name or invoice # so we know where to ship your SUPER-SHORTY. We will also need this before we send out the form 3 to be filed.

5.) When your SUPER-SHORTY is ready for pickup (FL residents only) or shipping, we will accept your final payment which can be made here and schedule a date and time for pickup (FL residents only) or get it shipped out to the dealer you had chosen. You will need to wait additional time for your dealer to get the form 4 back from the NFA to then be able to transfer it to you.

*We will notify you via call/email when it is getting close to shipping out and that we need final payment.

6.) You will receive an updated invoice anytime there is a change to your order, such as receiving your dealer's license or payment towards your balance.

Orders placed on weekends will not receive an invoice until the work week.

For Dealers:

1.) Make sure that we have your license so that we may send you dealer pricing.

2.) Follow the steps above (other than #'s 1 and 4). Be sure to write your FFL trade name as your company when checking out. Deposit price is the same for you, but the invoice will have dealer pricing applied for the total cost.


Mossberg 500 (2+1 capacity)


Remington 870 (2+1 or 3+1 capacity)


Remington 870 BREACH (3+1 capacity)



Shipping & Handling (per gun)








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