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$1,199 base price. Please see the "RN-50 Deposit" page for purchase.
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For purchase, please see our RN-50 Deposit page here.

Our newest .50 caliber rifle - as well as the most affordable, the RN-50 is a break action with threaded breech that just can't be beaten.


The RN-50 represents the first time a production firearm has ever been inspired by social media. Designed in conjunction with YouTube celebrity Royal Nonesuch. The RN-50 is a unique approach to the .50BMG rifle. Rugged, lightweight, accurate, easy takedown and low price make this rifle a winner! The simple screw-on breech cap is not only strong, it applies absolutely symmetrical support to the cartridge case, allowing for incredible accuracy. Using top quality materials as well as parts from our proven BFG-50 rifle, the RN-50 gives you high quality at an incredible price, along with lineage to a safe, proven firearm that's been in production for 17+ years. Whether you're looking for the least expensive way to get into shooting .50BMG or you want to outshoot your friends' expensive match rifle, the RN-50 is for you!



.50 BMG, .50 DTC (+$250) for restricted markets.


Modified break action with threaded breech

Barrel Options

29.5" (standard), 22", 18" (+$125), 36" heavy (+$250), all alloy steel with 1-in-15 button rifling


Heat-treated steel and aluminum construction


Manganese phosphate and hard anodized







Barrel Length





Upper Length





Overall Length w/o Stock





Overall Length w/Stock





Upper Weight

8.1 lbs

9 lbs

12.5 lbs

20.25 lbs

Complete Weight, Bare

10.75 lbs

11.75 lbs

15 lbs

23 lbs

Weight w/Stock

12.75 lbs

13.75 lbs

17 lbs

25 lbs


© Serbu Firearms, Inc. 2019. Specifications subject to change.


Rifle Cost

Shorty 18" Barrel


Carbine 22" Barrel


Standard 29.5" Barrel


Heavy 36" Barrel



Optional Add-On Item Costs





*Bipod and Stock are not included in rifle cost

Shipping (w/Flambeau hard case)


 © Serbu Firearms, Inc. 2019. Specifications subject to change.



RN-50 Manual

RN-50 Exploded View




No matter which scope you get, make sure that it is rated for .50 BMG recoil. The two listed below both are.

SWFA Model SS - approx $350

Millet Model LRS - approx $400-450 depending on when and where you get it.


You want low height rings. We recommend IOR Valdada low rings, however, Vortex is said to make a good set of strong low rings.

Ammo Suppliers:

Stay away from American Eagle in the black box, if possible. Soft brass getting stuck in the chamber and being difficult to extract has been a commonly reported problem. You're welcome to try it out for yourself, but please be aware of its issues.

Online suppliers such as Freedom Munitions, unammo.com, and 50bmgsupply.com are all great options. 


Reviews (28)


Written by Alan Bohdiewicz on Aug 24th 2019

This gun brings true meaning to the phrase "bang for your buck." I'm pretty sure it's the most fun you can have with your pants on.


Written by Brent A Byas on Jul 31st 2019

I purchased this rifle about a month ago and have put 73 rds through it and I can't find nothing bad to say. It's a wonderful rifle for a wonderful price and I'm thankful to own one. Thank u serbu firearms for making such a great rifle at a great price. If u are on the fence about getting one maybe thinking that the light weight or the breach loading might be a downfall don't worry it's not I was thinking the same before I got it and those things are not an issue. Get one now while u can before the price goes up or they ban them in your state. Make no mistake both of these things will happen.

Good weapon

Written by Elliott Finn on Jul 15th 2019

This gat fire tho! upped my game insto ya know


Written by SCOTT G. on Mar 19th 2019

This is the every-man 50 BMG. I have this on layaway and cant wait to get it!

Great for the price

Written by Robert on Dec 6th 2018

Shoots accurately, recoil is less than my 7 mag, and it's just a cool gun. Can't beat it for the price

Guys this is same gun as SFG 50 from Phantom Forces.

Written by Matyu Thm on Nov 9th 2018

It is nice gun. And people who think SFG-50 from Phantom Forces video game isnt real: look at this!

Great gun, Great value, the best people!

Written by Tyler Kelley on Nov 9th 2018

The staff at Serbu are top notch. They answered any question I had and are extremely knowledgeable on their products. The RN-50 is awesome, this was my first experience shooting a .50 Cal. The shipping estimate given to me at time of purchase was spot on, even received it earlier than I expected. The recoil is just like many others have said, no worse than a 12 gauge. All in all a great fun and biting experience.

Solid Gun, Great Company

Written by Caleb Thompson on Nov 7th 2018

Great customer service when I called up to order mine back in April. Recommend what kind of scope, rings and types of ammo to use. Along with a quick overview of the rifle its self, and exactly what had to be done for the FFL so they could ship it. The case it comes in is a heavy duty plastic, check under the foam pads for the stickers. I did notice that once a scope is mounted it may not fit in the case anymore, but that is minor. The estimated time they gave me for shipping was on point. Still waiting to get a scope, but have shot it twice and you hardly feel the kick. About like a 12ga for recoil, you'll feel the concussion from the muzzle more then the actual recoil. The price can't be beat by anyone for a .50cal rifle, and its a good entry rifle into the world of .50cal shooting. I'm very impressed so far and look forward to doing more business through Serbu. Oh and on a side note, when I first opened the case at the gun store to check it over it smelt like lemon pledge, so that was interesting haha.

Great Rifle!

Written by SSG David Gentile, USA (Ret) on Oct 28th 2018

After firing it, I only noticed 1 issue-if you reload, which, at the cost of the .50BMG you literally Have to or limit yourself to expensive ammo only, you need to get a chamber hone. Once I did that, it never bound up again, and I've put over 100 rds thru it-all but 3 reloads-and have no issues at all. Would be even better if you offered a laser boresighter fitting, but I got that done at a shop, and 800m 1st rd hits on a man size target are simple. Best so far is standard police target, 1st rd hit at 1600m, torso, using 635gr API available as pulled bullets for reloading. I work AT for US Gov, so I have access to better, but for my purposes, having a backup personal is a must-and I found it. Thank you for your Excellent Work!

Most affordable stock possible?

Written by Moisha Shekel-Schlomobergstein on Oct 27th 2018

The RN-50 is a great concept, glad this company decided to target their efforts on the 'people who want a bare-bones .50 BMG rifle but don't want to spend a fortune' market demographic. What specific type of buttstocks can be used in place of this nice (but not entirely adjustable/mod-able) Serbu-designed buttstock? Surely there must be some sort of basic requirements for whichever buttstock someone uses (such as method of attachment i.e. threaded connection or held together with push pins, etc.) ?

How can you not give the RN50 5 stars...simply because of quality, price and accuracy

Written by Tony (New 50 BMG shooter in Virginia) on Oct 18th 2018

Received my RN50 on Monday, October 8, 2018. Ordered my rifle and it arrived about one week ahead of time. Great customer service and very simple process from ordering to receiving. Placed a Vortex Crossfire II, 4-12x50 on it, four rounds later it was zeroed at 100 yards. I did have to put a little blue locktite on the screws holding the rings to the rail and also a little on the screws on the rings. Now, that being said I am limited to 300 yards and it consistently shoots 1" groups and smaller. I am very anxious to have the opportunity to shoot at least twice that distance and I am convinced that it will perform flawless. If you search the internet, there is no better deal out there if you take all variables into consideration such as customer service and quality. Also, the case that the gun is shipped in accommodates the rifle with the scope mounted on it with the low rings. Thank you Mark Serbu and your crew. Regards, Tony (The happy 50 BMG shooter in Virginia)


Written by Douglas on Sep 26th 2018

Picked this rifle up this morning and was amazed at the quality of the fit and finish. Have not been to the range yet but I am sure this rifle will be on point. Can't say enough about the customer service they are very nice and answered all my questions very quickly. I can not wait to get this rifle on the range and start sending rounds a long way. Love the weight I bought the 36 inch version and the 25ish pound weight is awesome.

Great Service Fast Responce and Turn Around

Written by TIMMY RHOADES on Sep 1st 2018

Thank you for the fast service.. 2 weeks earlier on rifle ..Thanks Tim

Try Not To Smile

Written by Busarush on Aug 13th 2018

Finally hit the range with my RN-50. I was a bit reluctant about accuracy, recoil and the breech cap design. I can now say NONE of these are issues. I shot 2 one hole groups at 100 yds after sight-in ("bullet doesn't stabilize until well after 100 yds"- guess I just got lucky?). Recoil with 660 ball was no worse than 12 gauge slugs but with a much higher fun factor (750 AMAX were harsher but still fun). Never had to use a wrench to loosen the breech cap. Didn't need to pry out cartridge cases until after about 15 shots and even then it was an easy pull. Millett LRS scope took the recoil like a champ. Will see how it holds up long term. I plan to switch out the rings that came with it for a lower pair since I was craning my neck a bit for a good sight picture. Can't wait to start stretching the distance out next time. My range has 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800 and 1000 yd setups and I plan to shoot at each of those distances (if for no other reason than to have an excuse for more giggle-time on the RN).

Installed reduced weight spring kit

Written by Busarush on Jul 10th 2018

Swapped the stock trigger innards with the Taylor Tactical MilSpec Trigger Kit. Pulled the trigger weight down to about 4 lbs and took out all the creep with the funky handgrip screw. Shot 40 rounds of 647 FMJ, 750 AMAX and even some crappy Black Box. Zero light strikes. Feels great so far. We'll see how it does long term. Shooting the RN50 is crazy fun. Took it off the bags after zeroing at 300 and shot half the rounds off the bipod. Starting to feel natural. I'm a bit leary of the Millett LRS scope as there seems to be some internal debris spotting up the crosshairs (only to be gone after the next shot). Holding zero so far but I only just got it there about 15 rounds ago. Will report back after next range workout.

Cheap horsepower and TONS of fun!

Written by Keith Kidwell on May 26th 2018

This rifle is an incredible value. The complete rifle is cheaper than the competitors barrel assemblies. My local gun shop recommended Serbu to me as an inexpensive way to start shooting .50BMG. I'm glad they did. This rifle has been a pleasure to shoot. Recoil is about the same as a 12 gauge magnum load, the rifle weight is optimal. The gun is a simple, solid design that is functional and easy to maintain. I also added a Millett LRS scope per recommendations from Serbu Firearms. In short, this gun is simply fun to shoot! I felt like a young man just starting shooting again as this rifle is in it's own class.

i have a rn 50.trouble free and tons of fun to shoot

Written by douglas haugen on May 18th 2018

every one i know that shoots wants to shoot it.its a blast!!!!!


Written by Adrian Hampton on May 2nd 2018

I'm highly interested in one of these rifles. But I'm curious as to the twist rate and the accuracy. The video online didn't convince me on if the rifle could group. The rounds were dancing everywhere. Is this rn-50 accurate? Thanks

In love

Written by Harrison on Apr 30th 2018

I bought this rifle around a month ago, since have ran a few rounds through it. I put a Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50 on it. I love it, my only single complaint however, is the cheek weld. But i am going to put a kydex cheek riser on it. Although that does involve me drilling through the stock for a bolt to hold it in place, if i screw it up or hate it, im pretty sure its just an ar-15 buffer tube, or i order one from serbu. This was the first gun i bought when i turned 18 (just to say i bought a .50 bmg when i turned 18) and i love it the smile on your face after squeezing of a round is amazing. You can look at my first shot reaction on my Instagram @harrison6.6 love the gun. I believe everyone should own one.

Really Dude?

Written by Smarter than Christopher Fleury on Apr 1st 2018

Did you honestly say that this rifle isn't affordable because the absurdly low price tags of $1200 doesn't include $375 of accessories? (Accessories that can be had far cheaper online and at at gun shows with a little sacrifice in quality.) Even then, $1575? Still the cheapest .50 BMG on the planet. Do a little research and maybe actually learn what a gun in before posting negative reviews on something you don't understand. That being said, once the other spots in my gun collection have been filled, I'm getting one. Can't wait.

Amazing gun

Written by Patrick Kelley Jr on Mar 24th 2018

I have heard a lot about this gun and finally decided to get one and wow the quality and price of this gun are amazing. Put my first round through it today and I am so glad I bought this. Can’t say enough about how much I love this gun.

Best value for product

Written by Jeff Barnes on Mar 2nd 2018

There is a reason Serbu is a pioneer in the manufacturing industry. I’ve had my rifle for almost a year now and have about 20 rounds through it. Since initial sight in, it is a one hole gun at 100 yards. Not a far range I know, but I am confident the accuracy will be there when I need it at range. Thanks for a great product Serbu. A+

Great Gun, Great Value.

Written by Justin on Feb 15th 2018

I've been eyeing up this gun for a while and finally got my hands on one today that I ordered from a local retailer here in Canada. All I can say is that if you think this gun is a solid unit with a good value based on pictures and video like I did, you'll be even more happy when you get your hands on one in person. The RN-50 is a great gun, that shoots a great caliber and it comes with a great price tag. I can't say enough good things about it.


Written by Keagn on Feb 13th 2018

This rifles is amazing for what It is for the price. it's the poor man's 50 and I'm so damn happy with this gun. the staff and communication with serbu was great thank you all so much for getting me my rifle so fast

RN50 Rifle Review

Written by Michael Folz on Nov 10th 2017

The RN50 is an excellent rifle for the money. It's simplicity really shows the engineering expertise of Mr. Serbu. It is perfectly functional for the person who wants to begin their "journey" into the 50 BMG world but does not want to spend a fortune just to get started with the 50 BMG. Most gun guys (including myself) should have checked out the SERBU 50BMG rifles a long time ago. You will not find a better quality 50 BMG rifle in either single shot or semi-auto.....and the prices are more reasonable than the more publicized brands.


Written by THOMAS on Aug 12th 2017


Haven't wanted a 50BMG until reading this article

Written by NEIL on Jul 31st 2017

I don't know why I might need one of these bad doggies but it definately puts it in reach of the average Joe! I'm going to start collecting recycling cans now. Lets see. 20 cans for a dollar, x 1500 , that's 30,000 cans. I'm going to start cleaning up this town right away!!! I should have enough recycle money saved up in about a year. I think I can do this on a budget thing.

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!

Written by Terry on Jul 12th 2017

Got my Serbu RN50 last week and have put ten rounds through it. All I can say is OH YEAH!!!!! Thanks for a low cost, high quality 50 caliber firearm. After the 1st round I was laughing out loud because I was enjoying the fun. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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