SU-15 Upper Receiver Pre-Order Deposit

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Serbu Firearms' upper receiver for the AR-15 platform uses a different operating system which eliminates the need for a buffer and buffer tube!  The operating rod houses the main spring, and the gas system uses a fixed piston.  The result is a gun that runs much cleaner, is more reliable, and can be more compact than any AR-15 which uses a buffer tube.  The SU-15 fits any AR-15 lower receiver and uses standard AR-15 bolt heads, firing pins, cam pins, barrels and barrel extensions, eliminating worry over these highly-stressed parts.  Parts commonality is also increased.  Initially, we are offering the SU-15 in two receiver lengths and four different barrel choices.  The standard receiver is 14.75" long while the short receiver is 12.55".  Initial barrel choices will be as follows: 7.5" 5.56mm, 16" 5.56mm, 9" .300 BLK, 16" .300 BLK. The SU-15 can be configured as a pistol, but adding a buttstock to a version with a barrel under 16" without prior NFA registration is illegal.  When updates are available on the SU-15, we will post the information on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out for any new info.