Otis .50 Caliber Rifle Cleaning System

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Ideal for the care and maintenance of your .50 caliber rifles and pistols. Includes two .50 caliber Memory-Flex cleaning rods (8-inch for .50 caliber pistols, and 40-inch for .50 caliber rifles). Also comes with a large heavy weight brass obstruction remover and a slotted tip. Complete with brass scraper components such as the brass scraper, female rod handle, a receiver brush, and a .50 caliber end brush, all of which allow for precision cleaning in those hard to reach areas of your firearms. Other components include 3-inch panoply patches, .50 caliber chamber brush and bore brush, bore reflector/flag safety, and the all-in-one Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent. The .50 caliber gear has a thread size of 10/32.