Mossberg 500 Heat Shield Kit Bundle

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10 Sets Included.

While these kits can be priced anywhere from $40-60, we have a surplus of many Remington and Mossberg parts that we are unable to take the time to sell very many of individually. We would love for them to be taken off of our hands to free up some space. The bulk option is one that can't be beaten... take advantage of this investment!

*Kits may have very minor imperfections, but come at an unbeatable price.*

All are brand new, but are take offs from the Mossberg 500 model that we use parts from to build our Serbu SUPER-SHORTYs.


  • Single Kit comes in a blued finish (we have fewer of this version available).
  • 10 Piece Bundle comes in a parkerized finish.
  • Made in USA.
  • Fits Mossberg 500/590.
  • Acts as a barrier between your hands and the heat of the barrel.
  • Includes heat shield, plastic spacer, two screws, and two lock nuts.


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