Proud to be part of america's second oldest industry.

About Us

Serbu Firearms is a family owned and operated manufacturer of firearms based in Tampa, Florida.

Founded by mechanical engineer Mark Serbu, the company is best known for producing the BFG-50™, a .50 BMG caliber, single-shot rifle. The rifle is also available in .510 DTC EUROP caliber in most of Europe, as well as in California where .50BMG rifles have been banned by law since 2004.

The company has developed, produced and is currently shipping a semi-automatic .50 BMG rifle called the BFG-50A. A monumental task, this is only the second production semi-automatic .50 BMG to ever be made in the U.S.A.  Deliveries started on 6/17/2011 and there are now several hundred BFG-50A rifles in circulation.

Serbu Firearms is also noted for its production of the SUPER-SHORTY, a compact 12-gauge  shotgun with fold-down front and fixed rear pistol grips which, in the United States, is regulated under the National Firearms Act. This weapon has proven popular with collectors of NFA firearms and with police departments. It has also appeared in several movies, TV shows and video games.