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"Smart Guns"...Doomed from the Start!

Yesterday U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that he wants to explore "common sense gun reforms", which would include having gun owners wear an electronic bracelet to be able to activate their "smart guns". While the idea of a gun which can only be fired by it's owner has almost universal appeal, it's for other reasons that those like Holder want the technology. Imagine the power in being able to quell an armed uprising by merely sending out a code to disable every gun in sight. Smart gun legislation including an electronic "back door" to easily disable the weapon by authorities would have a snowball's chance in hell of passing, yet it's certain that such a back door would be created by hackers; government-employed or otherwise. And therein lies the silver lining (to Second Amendment supporters) to the whole smart gun fiasco. Since the number of police in the U.S. who are murdered with their own firearms is alarmingly high (an average of 12% from 1976 to 1998), it's certain that police would be the first to be armed with smart guns. And undoubtedly be the first to have their guns turned off by a signal sent from a criminal, himself being armed with an illegal, old-fashioned gun that doesn't contain electronics of any kind. The reliability of firearms, especially those in use with law enforcement, is no joke; a device where a human life is on the line MUST work every time! As a mechanical engineer, gun designer and someone who also has an extensive background in digital electronics, I'm in a unique position to call BS on the whole smart gun idea. Having any extra components at all between the trigger and the firing pin, especially those containing electronics and batteries, reduces the reliability by a very large factor. The progressives will say that my way of thinking is alarmist, and that certainly we'll develop foolproof technology to enable truly safe, smart firearms. And you know what? Maybe we will someday have the technology. But progressives being progressives, "smart guns" will be required by legislation long before that, and for the aforementioned reasons will also fail long before that. And the backlash from the dead police officers, who will have spent their last moments alive repeatedly and impotently clicking a trigger to no effect, will make certain that the issue won't be revisited for many years. It would have been an impossible task to get the 300+ million "dumb" guns in the country rounded up anyway. That, and the whole idea of requiring citizens to only own a certain type of gun sure sounds like "infringement" to me.