660 FMJ .50 BMG Ammo

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Yes, for the first time in our 24-year history we're selling ammo!  We came across a pretty good deal on some .50 BMG rounds and we're passing it along.  As luck would have it, it's very nice American Eagle ammo, 660-grain full metal jacket, made with Lake City cases and packed in boxes of 10.  Oh, and the luck part refers to the fact that this is the very same ammo that WalMart sells, and that we've been telling you NOT to shoot in our guns for the last several years!  Sure, ammo is made in lots and possibly this lot ISN'T hard to extract, and we'd love to just tell you that and when you find that's not true, blame it on you and tell you it works fine with everything we tried it in.  But we're not lying shitbags, and we'll tell you straight: We tried this in the RN-50, BFG-50 and BFG-50A.  In the RN-50, sometimes the spent cases just pop right out with no effort, but sometimes they require a lot of force to extract.  In the BFG-50 you'll never notice the difference...they're great in the BFG.  In the BFG-50A we can't really say.  We haven't tried enough rounds to know for sure if they're difficult to extract.  We'll tell you this: In any of those guns, wiping a very light coat of gun oil on the cases with a paper towel or rag before firing will make extraction a breeze.  If you want nice, clean ammo that's very recent (mostly 2013 headstamps) this deal is hard to beat!  But hurry, because quantities are limited!

FYI - This is the ammo we have been using to test fire all of our rifles lately and it has been working perfectly.


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